Internet Careers Online scam

Name used: Kelly Scott (fictitious name).
- Read my warning about the Internet Careers Online course here.
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- Home Business Red Flags Priority Checklist here

The usual fake news sites are promoting this scam. That's too bad, because there are plenty of other ways to make money online without resorting to those types of tactics. That's why you have to pick your teachers very carefully. I personally wouldn't want to learn from somebody who uses deceptive marketing tactics.

If you are interested in the right way to learn affiliate marketing, I suggest you take a look at Unleashing Your success here.

If you like what you see in the training there, there is an option to get even more personalized attention for a low price. Unfortunately, more people seem to get sucked into the worthless, high-priced coaching that sites like push people into.

Hope this helps you to stay safe.

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