My Binary Revenge scam

My Binary Revenge is a scam that emulates many other binary options scams. In fact, the same person who ran the MyBinary Revenge scam has also run the following scams:

Anonymous Traders Group at www.Anonymous Traders

You can read about that scam here:

The following sites also appear to be controlled by the same person that ran the MYBinaryOption scam:

Mobile Binary Machine | binary
Business Marketing Platform | marketing
Edge Advertising Platform | www.edge advertising
Local Company Advertising | www.local company
Customer Lead Generator | www.customer lead
Clicks By Sierra | www.clicks by
Client Loyalty Experts | www.client loyalty
Acquire Customers Today | www.acquire customers
Local Business Mobile App | www.local business mobile
Smart Ad Spending | ads
Business Marketing Whiz | marketing
Raise Sales Today | www.raise sales
Binary Wealth System | www.binary wealth
My Binary Revene | binary
Small Business Growth | www.small businesses
Mobile Binary App | binary

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